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Cantina di Castelnuovo boasts an historical landscape location which has always attracted tourists from all over the world: for the proximity to the lake, and also for the proximity to the city of love, Verona.

The estate includes the hilly area south-east of Lake Garda and most of  the vineyards lie in the controlled denomination of origin areas for  Bardolino, Custoza, Lugana and Bardolino Superiore DOCG.


The Garda area boasts precious characteristics due to its geographical position and also to its evolutionary history.

Soils have morainic origin, made of rock debris carried by the various glaciation.

The Mediterranean climate with mild winters, thanks to the mitigating action of the lake, promotes the cultivation of the vine and the olive tree. Here soils have a morainic origin, loose and stony that give minerality to wines.

Vineyards are managed observing sustainability principles, for example Integrated Pest Control protocols have been adopted to avoid the use of pesticides.


The line Terre di Castelnuovo boasts of sparkling wine and still wines and among them we can find white, red and rose.. a range of opportunities able to satisfy all the palates!

The name chosen wants to give the due consideration to the area from  which these wines come.

The territory, in fact, gives particular characteristics thanks to its rich composition of fossil debris, typical of the morainic inland of Garda Lake.

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