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From the magnificent territory of the Montalcino hills rich in history, culture and tradition, unique grapes are born, with a magical flavor. Born from the passion of the Tassi family, the wines produced on the slopes of the ancient castle of the Velona contain all the taste of Tuscan tradition, the aromas and flavors of this ancient land.

The Tassi company finds its roots in the figure of Guido Franci, founder of the family. Guido, born is Greppo in 1910, has worked as a sharecropper for the Biondi Santi fam since he was a boy. 

He was taking care of the vineyards, the estate and the various activities of the farm. 

Between 1950 and 1960, after experimenting with different activities including bird breading, he decided to devote himself full time to beekeeping, which has always been his great passion, founding the Franci company.

At the beginning of the 90s, Fabio Tassi, son of Franca Franci and Giuseppe Tassi, who for years has already taken the reins of the family business, renovates the premises used for the direct sale of honey and inaugurates the Drogheria Franci shop specialized in sales of wines and quality products of the territory, improving it over the years to become, as it is today, one of the most established restaurants in the area.


The lands of our company extend in different areas of the municipality of Montalcino. The story begins with the Franci vineyard and the Tassi vineyard both in Castelnuovo dell’Abate, airy vineyards immersed in the Mediterranean scrub, Monte Amiata guardian of this land.

The actual property is composed of 4 different vineyards: Vigneto Tassi, planted in 1999 and exposed South West at around 240 m.a.s.l., the soil is made of clay with great presence of magnesium, iron and manganese.

Vigneto il Greppino, the youngest one being planted in 2015, is exposed South West at 360 m.a.s.l., the soil is a loam texture with an high percentage of clay.

Vigneto Colombaiolo has been planted in 2000, the exposition is East South East at 300 m.a.s.l. and the soil is a loam texture with a considerable presence of calcium.

Vigneto Franci, planted in 1979, exposition is East South East at 245 m.a.s.l. and the soil is a loam texture with large areas of marly nature.


Originally, the cellar of the Tassi company was set up inside the historic family building used for the production of honey, the company’s first major artisan product.

The cellar was completed in 2019 and the spaces were designed according to the wine making and refinement process.

The cellar is entirely built in laminated wood and has been built on two levels to fill the tulipe tanks with concrete by gravity, without using pumps. The temperature inside the room adjusts itself thanks to a ditch that runs along the entire perimeter.

A multi-level building, essential and built with organic materials to ensure maximum safety and excellent cleaning of the rooms. On the facade, to welcome you, a large green holm oak, a reference to the origin of Montalcino, from its toponym Mons (mountain) Ilcinus (holm oak).

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