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The quest for excellence and love for nature has always been a passion of the Bulgari family and has brought about intense research and development of the different potentialities of the local terroirs, which have generously given back three different qualities of harmonious red wines. 

Giovanni Bulgari, chief executive of Podernuovo and the creative soul of this venture, is naturally drawn to all environmental issues, and considers respecting nature an essential element while creating his wine. 

Finding a balance and harmony by reducing carbon dioxide while processing the grapes is the company’s objective.


The vineyard spreads on 64 acres of land, with 5400 plants per hectare, at an altitude of over 950 feet above sea level.

The vineyards are located at Palazzone at San Casciano dei Bagni, the most Southern tip of Tuscany, where hills, streams and wind create an outrageous natural climate to produce unique wines. 

Only in these authentic places, where the summers are still hot and the winters freezing, and with mild springs and autumns and little snow, it is possible to have the ideal conditions for the vines to ripe at its best. 

The soil – which is composed by clay, limestone, sandstones and fossils – and has a sunny South-Eastern exposure of the vineyard make, combined with the altitude, give well-structured elegant wines.


Giovanni Bulgari wanted to create elegant wines respecting the diversity of their character: the common denominator among them is elegance, in harmony and in respect of their soil. 

The vines and their soil have specific needs, which must be interpreted and respected in order to obtain the best wines.

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