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Ca’  Vegar is the abbreviation of Cantina Veronese del Garda, it represents now the highest and most complete expression of the typical wines of the  area.

At Ca Vegar they want to maintain alive this memory to give light to historicity,  an essential value beacuse source of wisdom and knowledge. To keep alive it is like passing on a piece of history. 

A bit like a father with his son teaching him his art.


The Garda area boasts precious characteristics due to its geographical position and also to its evolutionary history.

Soils have morainic origin, made of rock debris carried by the various glaciation.

The morphology of hills is sweet and delicate; from the top of these reliefs it is possible to perceive the circular amphitheater-like shape of the hilly lines overlooking the lake.

The Mediterranean climate with mild winters, thanks to the mitigating action of the lake, promotes the cultivation of the vine and the olive tree. Here soils have a morainic origin, loose and stony that give minerality to wines.


In this line we can find: white wines like the Custoza and the  Lugana, rose wines like the Bardolino Chiaretto and red wines like the Valpolicella, the Bardolino and the Amarone; whatever the autochthonous  varieties of Garda Lake can offer!

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