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Produced with Italian Brandy.

A very fragrant herbal liqueur, very balanced, with a predominantly herbaceous and mysterious aroma, with balsamic and citrus nuances. A spicy finish, never cloying, which gives salivation and at the same time the feeling of freshness.

Herbal liqueur with a low sugar content and a natural predisposition to be taken as a digestive. A liqueur not only at the end of a meal, but designed for a contemporary mixing, used as a replacement for Bitter, smooth with ice and lemon zest, or mixed with tonic water, ice and lemon. Perfect for an alternative Milan/Turin, not only as a conversation after dinner, but served as an aperitif.


• Melilotus
• Tanacetum
• Absinthe
• Gentian
• China
• Salvia Sclarea
• Hyssopus
• Hypericum perforatum
• Mentha
• Orange



Amaro Essenziale

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