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Gian Luca Colombo is a consultant for several producers in the Langhe and winner of the Gambelli Award for Best Young Italian Oenologist in 2014. 

In 2011 he founded Segni di Langa, and as the true garagiste that he is, he makes his own wines in the garage underneath the house. 

In 2017 Gian Luca decided to put his name on the labels of his own wines. Gian Luca wines find their origins in the Langhe terroir and they transmit all of the efforts, passion and commitment he puts into growing the grapes.


Gian Luca produces wines while respecting the environment, the terroir and the essence of each grape variety. 

The approach to winemaking is different every year, each vineyard is harvested and vinified separately. Afterwards, only the most suitable batches will be assembled.

Gian Luca winemaking approach is to follow his perceptions and what nature has given him and respecting the evolution of the wine having a really limited intervention, in fact all his wines are made without filtration or clarification.


Each bottle is marked with Gianluca's fingerprint as a sign of his great passion, respect, and commitment to rare wines, produced in limited quantity. Each bottle expresses both the land and winemaker.

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