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Barolo DOCG Cerrati Vigna Cucco Riserva



Vineyard Exposure:

South, South-East


Between 1250 and 1380 f.a.s.l.

Vine age:


Chalky/clayey, shallow


The freshly harvested grapes are destemmed, pressed and placed into 50 hl stainless steel tanks, then left to ferment for 10 days at 26°C with a 30 days submerged cap maceration at a temperature of 22°C. The product is then racked and poured few times.


Once the malolactic fermentation is completed, this powerful wine is aged in French oak barriques for 36 months, so to bring it to its peak of elegance. It is then put into bottles, where it still ages for at least two years.

Tasting Notes:

This cru is the jewel in the company’s crown. It stands out for its bright ruby red colour with slight orange hues, and its complex and enveloping bouquet, where the varietal hints of wild rose blend with the sweet aroma of cocoa, tobacco and spices. The fruity aspect then emerges, recalling shrivelled blackberries and pressed sour black cherries. Full, harmonious, warm savour, with a slightly dry and complex finish.



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