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Barolo DOCG Cerrati



Vineyard Exposure:

South, South-East


Between 860 and 1300 f.a.s.l.

Vine age:


Chalky/clayey, shallow


The freshly harvested grapes are destemmed, pressed and then left in small vats for 72 hours at a temperature of 10°C, for pre-fermentation steeping, in this way the characteristics of this vineyard are highlighted. This is followed by fermentation with gentle steeping at a temperature of 16°C. Drawing-off takes place when the product is fully dry, after an additional fermentation for 20-25 days on the skins. Then the malolactic bacteria transform the malic acid and the wine will be ready to be transferred for the ageing process.


The wine remains for 12 months in small barrels of French oak and after that, it completes its ageing process in traditional barrels for a further 12 months, until it reaches its peak of well-balanced savour. It is then transferred to bottles, where it matures for at least 6 months before being sold.

Tasting Notes:

This Barolo, from the Cerrati cru vineyard, has an intense aroma that makes it an ideal meditation wine: the floral hints of eglantine are accompanied by a touch of mint and thyme, then the fruity elements of cherry and freshly pressed blackcurrants emerge, followed by overtones of undergrowth and mushroom.



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