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Manimurci is the idea of a group of friends.

The idea is to create a jewell winery in a territory with a perfect wine vocation with the desire to focus on extreme quality. The history of Manimurci  winery in intimately linked to the passion for wine.

They know the area of Taurasi well. The hands of their forefathers have been proudly dirty with that land for generations. The earth itself has learned to recognize their work. They know how to recognize the quality of the grapes they harvest.

Technology is only a support, the excellence of their vineyards was already such at the time of Virgil and Seneca.


Manimurci winery is located in  the territory called “Fonte di Venere” (Mani Murci). 

There the vines of the Magna Graecia were modeled by the Romans and then by generations of  scrupulous winemakers that were secretely in love with that land rich in  potassium and phosphate from which soft and full wines were born.

The compact calcareous clayey soil mixed  with volcanic materials is caressed by a constant sun and by the wind  coming from the Ansanto Valleys.


Manimurci wants to stand out from mass production, focusing on a wine that nobody creates in the same way: pure wines that catch the eye and amaze the palate. A wine created for those who love strong sensations, for those who wait to aim for the best.

Manimurci are all pure without half measures. Powerful like race horses, to be tamed to appreciate the gait. Inebriating because they are well cultivated.

The reds are powerful and fierce, because they are made with imagination and creativity. The whites are seductive and fresh because are grown where the most vaunted Italy’s whites are born.

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