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The company, located in Chianti area, in a natural and full of history  environment, passed on from generation to generation, is nowadays led by  Elena and Francesca Bini Moriani, who continue, year after year, in  their meticulous work of renewal of the corporate structure.

Fattoria Bini links its history to that of the Grand Dukedom of Tuscany. And in the historical period by Pietro Leopoldo (1765\1790)  to Leopoldo II of Lorraine the Bini family, originating in Livorno,  began to devote himself to agriculture. 

Mariano, originally wine merchant in 1789, he moved to Empoli where he bought small farms using the latest techniques of Cosimo Ridolfi for  reorganization. To 1880 was the purchase of farms and Terraio Villa built from historic Florentine family De’Cerchi in the early sixteenth century.

In the mid-nineties Elena and Francesca have really wanted to make an important intervention reforestation, environmental and productive purpose. Thanks to the collaboration still standing with the Research Center for Forestry, have been planted 15.000 plants (walnut, oak, ash tree, cypress, to name only the most important) on 50 hectares for production of valuable timber and to allow regeneration of the rural environment in its different aspects (nature, landscape, recreation and hydro).


Today the estate has about 33 hectares dedicated to wine growing, accompanied by another 25 hectares of olive groves, up to cover a total area of 400 hectares with productive reforestation and arable land.

The training system is the “Guyot”, the most traditional form used in  Tuscany which suits and adapts best to climatic conditions of the  vineyard of our company: with this training system we are  able to  contain the productions in order to bring in our farm cellar high  quality grapes.

If in fact the extension of the vines suggests large numbers, the Bini family choice is to aim for great quality, an important bet to satisfy the needs of those with a taste and culture for wine.


Fattoria Bini production offers high quality red and white wines (Supertuscan,  Riserve), Vin Santo and various extra virgin olive oil varieties.  Everything is directly produced in the company.  

The careful selection and our capable and passionate  employees make sure that every bottle that leaves the cellar of Bini’s  Farm represents a small jewel.

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