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Sant'Agata history begins in the 1960s with a farming family producing and selling his wine in demijohns. 

At the beginning of the 1990s, the brothers Franco and Claudio Cavallero, the new generation, became the owners of the family farm and decided to call it Cantine Sant’Agata due to a votive pillar in front of the house.

This was an important turning point, the two brothers used the great knowledge of their terroir to obtain the best from their vineyards and great quality to their wines.


The  vineyard “il Cavaliere” with its 5.30 Acres, is among the largest  single-body Ruchè vineyards existing in the production area and was the  first vineyard in the Ruchè area to be planted with “giropoggio”, in  fact the rows follow the sinuous course of the hill to better enjoy the  position. 

Established in 1997, it is located on the southern slope of  the hilly ridge that goes from Portacomaro to Scurzolengo. Vineyard with  full southern exposure, at an altitude of 850 f.a.s.l.


Ruché is a centuries-old vine; its history is not known exactly, but it  is certainly one of the most interesting and dynamic native Piedmontese  vines. There are several legends about his name, with one in particular  that seems the most reliable. It is said that in a farmhouse, called  “Rocca”, some friars vinified this sweet wine to donate to the  inhabitants of the nearby Poggio castle: hence the origin of the term  Ruchè.

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