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Cantina di Gambellara, the first cooperative winery in the province of Vicenza, established in 1947 on the ashes of the previous winery called Enopolio di Gambellara, operational from as far back as 1920. 

Enopolio means/evolves into Monopoly, a name that emphasises the monopoly of the  Gambellara DOC denomination in the area, but it is also the name of the brandnew selection which contains little treasures: Garganega, a native vine in all its variations and shades starting from Soave, moving on to Gambellara Classico, until reaching Garganega dried in “picai” from which are produced Recioto and Vin Santo di Gambellara DOC, a denomination that the winery itself helped to draw up since its  foundation. 


Gambellara is at the border between Vicenza and Verona, on the last spur of the Lessini mountains that look like soft waves at an altitude of  between 250 and 350 meters, covered by vines and lush valleys crossed by several waterways. 

In geological terms, the area is of volcanic origin, with basaltic soils conforming more or less to the form of earthy and friable tuffs, which offer natural fertility particularly favourable to vine-growing, and a high mineral content that gives the wine its  extraordinary accents. 

The area where vineyards are currently cultivated extends for about thousand hectares of predominantly hilly area, most of which are in the so-called “classic” region, the oldest area of  provenance.


The Monopoly collection includes prestigious wines that have a long  tradition thanks to the areas where they are born: Soave, Gambellara and  Colli Berici. They offer intense undertones, and emotions to be shared.

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