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Located in the heart of the picturesque village of Barbaresco in Piedmont, lies the small, family-run cantina of Carlo Boffa.

The origins of Cantina Boffa date back to the beginning of the twentieth century – in 1920, when Boffa Carlo, the founder, met and married Maria. The couple settled down in Barbaresco, where the bride came from.

In 1923 Carlo and Maria planted the first vineyards of Dolcetto and Barbera grapes.

The Boffa family started making their own label wine in the 60’s and today Carlo, nephew of the founder, manages the 15 Acres of vines, whilst his wife, Laura, handles the firm’s business and trading.

In 2014 their then twenty-year-old son Gabriele joined the family business – he is involved in the actual winemaking, in tending the vineyards and keeping in touch with importers and customers.


The vineyards are divided into the production of mainly red varieties that you would expect from this prestigious wine-producing zone, with Nebbiolo being the most famous. 

Dolcetto d’Alba and Barbera d’Alba are produced in limited quantities whilst across the valley floor, the Roero zone is where a small production of Arneis is cultivated.

In Barbaresco and Neviglie the soil is made up of clay and limestone, whereas in Roero it is mainly sand.


Boffa winery is of course specialised in the great reds of the region – Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto, although their Roero Arneis deserves serious attention.

The wine cellar utilises the most modern technology, whereas the winemaking itself remains resolutely traditional.

Modern techniques are used in the winery; however, the aim is to produce wines that speak of the tradition of this part of the Langhe: wines of vibrant colour, heady perfumes and soft silky tannins that envelop a textured body with a slightly above average alcohol content.

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