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From Quirico Decordi senior, founder of the company in 1921, to the current management led by Quirico Decordi and his sons Alessandro and Giulia, the family has always been at the center of the business.

Over the years, the family tradition has been enriched with innovation: Vinicola Decordi has been equipped with modern and advanced systems, including a bottling line that guarantees quality, efficiency and traceability of every single bottle.


The proximity to the Oltrepò Pavese Valley is the source of inspiration for the brand “Valle Calda”: in addition to its renowned beauty, this valley is characterized by the temperate climate and it is precisely the particular microclimatic condition (“Calda” which means warm) to make the “Valle” a profitable location for the growth of vineyards. 

With the brand “Valle Calda” (Warm Valley) we want to pay tribute to all the valleys of the Italian wine territory.


Decordi Winery combines state-of-the-art facilities and craftsmanship to create excellent wines. With over a century of tradition and quality, our winery ensures distinctive products from every region of Italy.

The variety of the wines covered covers almost the whole of the Italian wine offer, thanks to the wise ability of the Decordi family to have equipped the production of a huge flexibility, able to realize specific product lines, dedicated to individual markets and distributors.

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