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The cellar is located inside camp 82 of Laterina, a place that has left its mark in the memory of Italy since the second war it was first of all a concentration camp, then a prison camp and finally a reception camp for the refugees from the Istrian exodus. 

The signs of the various events can still be found today.

The first step, in what was an abandoned industrial warehouse, was to plant a flower, the Iris. 

This flower represent the rebirth, the re- flowering of the place.


"A quality wine born on the vineyard. We pay particular attention to our plants and we manage personally all operations in the field." In the vineyard located in the Valdarno, the Sangiovese is the blend symbol of the Tuscan tradition. This is flanked by Cabernet wines The individual varieties cultivated with guyot and spurred cordon have been selected on the basis of the characteristics of the different soils in order to enhance the characteristics and typicality of the area of origin. Over time, important investments have been added in other areas suited fo quality viticulture in Tuscany. The particular climate, the composition of the land, the exposure of the plots gives the wines structure, elegance, balance.


2000 meters of cellar out all the phases of the wine production where are carried, from receiving the grapes, the vinificaton, from storage to bottling.

Ancient concrete containers that are placed side by side with steel tanks and large wooden barrels, characteristic of the Tuscan winemaking tradition.

Practicality and efficiency at the service of the highest quality of the product.

Technological innovation but also philosophical and conceptual by pursuing a specific goal: to make quality wine within everyone’s reach.

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