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Between Mediterranean and Alpine, Austria and Italy, Alto Adige has developed into a microcosm of the world of wine. 

Most of the cooperatives in Alto Adige were established around 1900, and the Jubiläumskellerei was founded in 1908, the year of the 60th anniversary of Emperor Franz Josef’s accession to the Austrian throne (Alto Adige was part of the Habsburg monarchy until the First World War). Over the generations, the member families have remained affiliated to the winery and continue to maintain the centuries-old tradition of wine growing in the area.


Among the property vineyards there are some very special sites; they have  evolved over time and are predestined for certain varieties and for outstanding wines – sites where Jubilaeumskellerei parters work on a sustainable basis, in some cases on organic or biodynamic lines, and with a consistent focus on quality.

The varied soils and climatic conditions in the area around Lake Kaltern give the wines their distinctive character. The combination of Mediterranean climate and cool currents of Alpine air make the region unique.

The grapes are tended with care and devotion and harvested by hand at optimum maturity. With his great wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge, our winemaker combines a living tradition with the benefits of modern wine making technology.


Denominazione di origine controllata (DOC) is a designation of origin for Italian wines. Wines with this label meet clearly defined standards of identification and quality. In relationship to the area under cultivation, Alto Adige has the highest share of DOC wines in Italy (more than 99% of the vineyards have DOC certification). The Jubiläumskellerei only produces wines with the DOC label.

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