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Independent, proud, courageous, unpredictable like a stormy sea and  with a taste for adventure, Franco Cavallero carries on his dream: to  produce Spirits that are entirely the result of the territory, of which he  can follow the entire production chain, using only fresh, botanical  ingredients selected and cultivated by him personally at zero kilometer.

Franco Cavallero's Spirits have a unique recipe, based on the use of specific varieties and quantities of components, entirely from Piedmont, grown directly by Franco Cavallero and used fresh. 

These peculiarities make  the product alive, powerful, intense and strongly connoted.


Franco Cavallero started with three thousand square meters of plots to cultivate the most suitable botany to characterize his Spirits, up to 9 Acres, also increasing the  species of cultivated plants, which have gone from 20 to 35 types.

The  territory becomes a fundamental variable, altitude (very important for a  greater concentration of the active ingredient), exposure and soil  become the fulcrum of his research. Over time, medicinal plants with  therapeutic or aromatic characteristics have been added to the recipe to  give considerable complexity to the drink.


Franco Cavallero’s spirits are unique recipes, with fresh ingredients produced entirely in Piedmont, grown by Franco Cavallero.

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