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It was 1973 when the Mazzocchetti cousins – Vincenzo and his brother Giulio with their cousin Antonio – created Tenuta del Priore, named after nonno Vincenzo, their grandfather, who locals used to call “the Prior” with a sense of religious respect. The three young men believed with deep faith in the production potential of Pescara hills, in the goodness of those grapes that grew and ripened with the blessing of a lush nature.

Since 2008 the company has been entrusted to Fabrizio, with a careful, farsighted management, also thanks to the valuable contribution of his wife Giovanna, sweet yet decisive, a factotum who takes care of every detail of the administration, which is so crucial for every company.

2017 is the year of the handover, when the old generation gives way to the new. The company that incorporates the Tenuta del Priore and Col del Mondo is led by Fabrizio with Antonio and Stefano Mazzocchetti, a close-knit family that sums up the business, which in 2018 merges the brands in view of new horizons, looking to grow still further, with care and quality.


With 130 Acres of vineyards near the village of Collecorvino, in the province of Pescara, 75% of the estate is dedicated to Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

The vineyards are located high up in sight of the Adriatic Sea, on calcareous clay, morainic and silty soils rich with calcareous stones among the Colline Pescaresi and close to the Adriatic sea.

In 2003, when Fabrizio Mazzocchetti, son of one of the founders joined the company was the right time to point to new cultivation methods. The old, beloved canopies, that witness the passion for wine and the hard daily work, are grubbed and replaced by “espaliers”, guaranteeing a different yield capacity and higher quality levels.

Young wines, matured from the grapes grown among white stones supported by silts and clays, trained by the spurred cordon and Guyot, cultivated on the hills at 250-300 meters above sea levels.


Wines that are increasingly appreciated, suitable to the table as well as to libations in meditation, to be enjoyed in solitude or with friends.

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